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Tips In Selecting An Energy Efficient Replacement Window The appearance of the window, is usually the first thing that people look at when shopping for replacement windows. Your personal preference is important, however it is best if you choose windows that are energy efficient. Here are kinds of energy efficient windows: A. Single Hung Windows
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One of the sash of this window is moving. This is actually one of the benefits of single hung windows because you do not need to put that much window seals and it helps in lessening air intrusions. The single hung window is not that expensive.
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B. Double Hung Windows It is easy to clean this type of window since you can open both sashes. Since you can open both sashes, it provides more ventilation. The double hung window are energy efficient. C. Casement Window This kind of window has a sash that flaps when it is opened and brings breeze into a house. You can save a lot of energy when you use this window since you do not need to use an air conditioning unit to cool your home. D. Bow Window This kind of window can open up to 180 degrees, that is why it very appealing inside and outside of the house. Aside from that, bow window provides more ventilation and breeze into a home. This kind of window is not the energy efficient as other types of windows. E. Bay Window Bay windows are similar to bow windows. The appearance of a bay window is appealing. Another advantage that this kind of window offers is ventilation and allow light to get into a house. The bay window also has its disadvantages like it is expensive and it can have leaks when it is not installed properly. F. Awning window This type of window is just like casement windows. This type of window is energy efficient since it can prevent hot air from entering a home. G. Fixed frame windows This window is much more cheaper than other kinds of windows, this window is available in different sizes and shapes. This kind of window cannot open, that is why it provides security to a home and it also protects it from wind and rain. This kind of window is not energy efficient. H. Skylight windows This kind of window provides ventilation however it is considered as an accessory kind of window. The skylight window can make a room bright and it is also easy to install.